the future worries for vulnerable adults in the uk are very,very real


this morning l have taken mum shopping and did the recycling. I’m probably no different to what most of the uk are doing right now. In the UK Sunday trading hours means the capitalist urge of consuming all of the planet’s resources in one day will have to stop at 4 o’clock  today(well you  always have the  internet to shop until your bank account is empty) of course income levels decide what people can or cannot afford  to spend and if you are a vulnerable adult in Britain , this means spending very little or next to nothing on just about everything and  this is where the real problems really begin when you talk about the future. The funding situation with Cornwall People First isn’t really a question about the charity itself but how people with learning disabilities are going to play an active role in the Duchy when the county has no money? (this question  relates to Autism where yes we may have the Autism Act but in reality gets less resources then learning disability)Yes I have had  to fight tooth and nail for my personal budget , a budget which is no substitute for a wage and  won’t keep a roof over my head (if l lost the ability to stay at the family home tomorrow, the only shelter in my name would be my £300 Ford Fiesta) At least the budget gets me to some places either then staying at home. One of the reason why I have been forced to rely on Cornwall Council for help is I can’t get the help from the DWP. Foodbanks people might say as a alternative to a welfare system ,well they are not and whilst I was in the Supermarket the collection point only had a dozen of cans inside it.  Of course mum  won’t be  here to pay the bills for forever and that includes all of the unpaid carers in Britain who won’t outlive those who they care for everyday and every year. Again if there is a positive to come out  of the EU result is perhaps we have a chance to really think what kind of Britain we want to see. A country that solved problems instead creating  more of  them  would be a step in the right direction.


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